Skin Care / Facials

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Our skincare treatments cater to a variety of skin types.  Whether you are acne prone, suffering from irritated skin, or want to reduce fine lines, our treatments will hydrate, stimulate and restore balance to your skin for a healthy and glowing complexion.                    

The aromatherapy:  A deep skin-cleansing facial that minimizes pores while stimulating cell metabolism. Balances sebaceous secretions, resulting in softer skin and a healthier complexion.

The fruit acids:  Enriched with alpha-hydroxy acids this treatment eliminates dead skin cells, promotes regeneration of new cells and helps to firm and protect the suppleness of the skin.             

The soothing: Soothe sensitive skin with our Essencia Marine treatment.  Decongests redness while reducing sensitivity and stabilizing the rate of hydration.        

Acne treatment: A natural way to treat acne, purifies skin while balancing sebaceous secretions.     

The firming:  An anti-aging treatment that maintains the firmness of the skin while rejuvenating and stabilizing the rate of hydration.                   

The ginseng lifting: Repairs skin using ginseng extracts.  Lightens pigmentation spots and reduces acne scars while toning the face and neck.  Accelerates the metabolism of skin cells and softens the appearance of wrinkles.  Performed with the “Electro Acupuncture System”.            

The collagen treatmentRestore youthfulness with our collagen treatment.  A non-surgical method that strengthens collagen fibers, smoothes lines and removes signs of aging.  Tailored to suit your needs for immediate results.   

Eye care treatment:  A soothing treatment that diminishes swelling, wrinkles and fine lines.  Performed using the “Electro Acupuncture System.”

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