Who wouldn’t like to have a flawless beauty? Glow Beauty Spa presents the new cosmetic techniques of permanent make-up, which is fully computerized using digital machines. This new technique promises less pain and will deliver desired results. Eyeliner permanent make-up is the most popular cosmetic enhancement, followed by permanent makeup for eyebrows and lip colour.

Basically, it is a cosmetic method, which employs tattoos as a means of producing lovely designs that resembles traditional make-up, such as eye lining and other permanent enhancing colours to the skin of the face, lips and eyelids. Permanent makeup makes you appear as if you are wearing makeup 24x7.  At the time of consultation, you can select the shades of your permanent makeup and our professional artists will sketch the areas on your skin to be pigmented. Permanent makeup technicians use a hollow needle that releases colour into a hole in your skin.

The main reason behind opting for permanent cosmetic is to boost self-esteem and confidence by enhancing your appearance through this ever-lasting makeup. It has proved to be of great help to produce artificial eyebrows, especially for people who have lost them as a consequence of old age, disease, chemotherapy or a genetic disturbance. Permanent make-up can camouflage scars and white spots on the skin due to vitiligo. Restoration or enhancement of breasts can also be done through this advance make-up technology.

People with physical disabilities, arthritis, Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis may find it difficult to apply make-up every day. In such cases, permanent make-up can be quite beneficial. You can continue to wear makeup without having to worry about whether it has been applied accurately. People with poor eyesight, cosmetic allergies or pigmentation conditions can invest in permanent makeup for the same reasons.

Most women spend a substantial part of their day trying to look perfect. However, it becomes extremely difficult for them to invest so much time applying their daily make-up. Permanent make-up serves as an enduring solution to save time, and energy every morning. Only touch-up is required on regular intervals. The idea of permanent makeup may sound strange, but it is not. People with busy schedules, long commutes and numerous commitments can save several minutes out of their morning routine each day.

In addition to all these benefits, you no longer have to worry about smudging and fading of your make-up. Permanent make-up allows you to look all decked up every morning. You can reduce lipstick spreading and define your lips with lip liner permanent make-up from Glow Beauty Spa. With a lip coloured tattoo, not only will lip scars disappear but also say good-bye to your lipstick collection. In the same way, you can put away all you eye pencils after an eyeliner tattoo.

Your dream of having rosy red lips, sharp eyebrows and flattering eyeliner is within reach. Glow Beauty Spa assures that its make-up holds all day long. Whether you go to the gym, dive in the swimming pool, dance all night and then, wake up in the morning, you might be out of your place, but your make-up won’t be! We have skilled staff that takes you through the procedures of permanent make-up, which are safe and inexpensive. Permanent make-up is a fast-growing part of the health and beauty industry and Glow Beauty Spa is one of the leaders in this part.

So, what are you waiting for? Get naturally enhanced with Glow Beauty Spa.

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